95 kPa specimen transport bags

95 kPa specimen transport bags

Safe-hold™ absorbent 95 kPa specimen transport bags are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples. They are engineered to ensure compliance with the relevant transport regulations including ADR, RID and IATA regulations, UN2814, UN2900 or UN3373 and associated Packing Instructions 602, 620 or 650 as appropriate.

Safe-Hold™ absorbent 95 kPa specimen transport bags provide effective secondary packaging for clinical samples, and are able to withstand the pressure needed to meeting all packing legislation requirements during transportation.

Safe-hold™ absorbent 95 kPa specimen transport bags are available in a wide range of sizes with absorbency levels calculated to meet all regulatory requirements. They are available with a leak-proof adhesive closure, puncture resistance, printed tracking information and other features.

Specimen transport bags have a specially designed adhesive closure to ensure containment of the liquid in the case of leakage or breakage of the primary container. A thick, absorbent cushioning layer soaks up all the liquid and traps it inside the pouch. An outer, waterproof film ensures liquid enclosure, even in the event of catastrophic failure of the primary package.

Can be used with Safe-hold™ pads/pouches for 100% compliant specimen transportation.

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