Absorbent Tourniquet Limb Drapes

Absorbent tourniquet drapes

Sirane’s absorbent Tourniquet Cuff/Drapes were developed with health and safety in mind. The blue plastic latex free drapes are suitable for both upper and lower limb procedures.

Quickly applied, with two full width adhesive strips (25mm and 30mm) for maximum effectiveness.

With a soft lint-free absorbent lining, this keeps the tourniquet cuff clean and dry during pre-op skin preparation, absorbs potentially harmful fluids and prevents them from collecting between the patient’s skin and the cuff, which can cause skin irritation.

Easily applied, with finger lift adhesive strips (25mm and 30mm) for maximum effectiveness

The design of the drapes means one size fits all applications

Packed and designed for your application

Shoulder, arm and knee drapes available

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