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    SIRANE Medical & Healthcare manufactures and supplies advanced products used in hospitals, laboratories, veterinary, dental and medical surgeries and all other medical and healthcare environments. Our products cover a wide range of areas, including absorbency, surface protection, surgical supplies, specimen transportation and faecal sample collectors.

    We offer both a range of standard products, and the capability to make bespoke products based on your exact needs, or develop new products to meet your requirements. In terms of absorbency and material science we're a market leader.

    Applications of Sirane's product range include wound care, infection control, sample handling and testing, pharmaceutical packaging, protective and compliant packaging for safe diagnostic specimen transportation (including 95 kPa), absorbency and spill control (including a wide range of absorbent soaker pads/mats for use in a variety of healthcare situations) and surface protection. We also have a range of absorbent solutions for funeral & mortuary use, including a range of coffin liners, absorbent sheets, pads and more, available in a wide range of sizes and customised levels of absorbency as required.

    Sirane also offers the expertise to make bespoke items such as active pouches - a world first developed for the safe disposal of a cancer relief drug at the request of a pharmaceutical company in the United States. The innovative pouch traps and deactivates anything it comes into contact with.... a great example of Sirane's product development capabilities.

    All Sirane products are developed by a team of dedicated and experienced scientists and engineers working closely with professionals working in the medical sector. They are manufactured by Sirane under strictly-controlled conditions to the highest specifications. In every case, the products are developed to meet the demanding legislative, quality, hygiene and performance standards of the medical and healthcare market and to be the most advanced products on the market.

    Sirane also offers a unique product and process development service to bring new ideas to market quickly and effectively. From just a simple idea, we can develop your product based around your needs and your specifications. For more information on this, click here.


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