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Absorbent non-slip floor mat is highly effective AND cost effective

SIRANE’S non-slip absorbent floor mats are now being supplied directly into the NHS – offering a disposable mat which is both highly effective and cost-effective at the same time.

Buying from Sirane allows you to deal directly with the manufacturer, and buy an efficient solution to excess fluid in a variety of healthcare situations at a sensible price. We believe they’re the best product on the market – and recent feedback would seem to back our opinion.

Jonathan Mason, business development manager, said: “Sirane’s floor mats are a fantastic product, and we’ve had some amazing feedback from hospitals using the mats already.

“We’ve studied the market, and made sure we can distribute this product in the way the NHS requires – and are now able with 48-hour delivery from stock on popular sizes.”

An economical and effective way of keeping floors clean, dry and slip-free... our absorbent floor mats are ideal for use in operating room procedures; during transplants; in scrub areas; in emergency room areas, and in laboratories. They don't expand or swell, and once wet the product holds to the surface... moreover, they can be thrown down onto surfaces which are already wet.

“The mats have two distinct sides – one is highly absorbent, the reverse is a perforated non-slip surface which holds to the floor through a capillary action,” added Mr Mason, “and because it holds in place, the surgeon can stand safely directly on the mat.”

Our standard size is 1000x600, with 3-litre absorbency per sq m, which is available on a 48-hour delivery. Other sizes and absorbency levels are potentially available on request.

Some key points are

- Reduces risk of slipping on wet floors
- Reduces the risks of cross-infection
- Each mat can hold a large amount of fluid
- Non-slip and will not expand or swell
- Can be used safely in wet & dry areas
- Eliminates time-consuming clean-up
- Delivery within 48 hours
- Users can stand directly on the mat

Sirane is a manufacturing, design and product-development company which is based in Telford, Shropshire, and is Europe’s market leader in absorbent products.

To find out more about non-slip absorbent floor mats, request samples, or request a visit to your hospital setting, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07483 984622.

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