Sira-Care DiffX non-chlorine disinfection system

Non-chlorine disinfection system that eliminates all surface contamination

Sira-Care DiffX is a powerful non-chlorine based disinfection system which eliminates all surface contamination, including spores, bacteria, viruses and pathogenic organisms. The powder is contained within a water soluble sachet which, when dissolved in warm water, creates a powerful disinfecting agent which out-performs chlorine-based disinfectants.

Sira-Care DiffX saves money by keeping wards clean, disinfected and infection free, reducing lost bed days, the cost of decontamination, cost of antibiotics and treatment, staff sickness & temporary staff.

Sira-Care DiffX is remarkably easy to use. Simply dilute one 20gm sachet in three litres of warm water for daily cleaning and one 20gm sachet in 1 litre of warm water for deep cleaning. A 5gm sachet is also available for use within a trigger spray bottle. Once made, the solutions lasts 24 hours.

With a full environmental cleaning training programme available, this patent-protected disinfection system delivers excellent infection prevention outcomes and control techniques supporting the NHS and infection prevention and patient safety teams.

Sira-Care DiffX cleans and disinfects at the same time, and is 100% effective at destroying all surface contamination, including MRSA, C diff spores, Norovirus, TB and more.

DiffX powerful non-chlorine based disinfection system

  • Eliminates ALL surface contamination including spores, bacterial, viruses & pathogenic organisms
  • 100% effective in killing MRSA and viruses, C diff spores, TB, Norovirus and mycobacteria
  • Non-chlorine based disinfection system
  • Non-corrosive due to corrosive inhibitor and pH neutral
  • Cleans and disinfects at the same time
  • Patient, staff and visitor friendly
  • Significant financial savings can be achieved
  • Easy to use, and solution once made lasts 24 hours
  • Low risk COSHH
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