SafetyGel super absorbent products

SafetyGel super absorbent products

SafetyGel is a revolutionary product created to solve a wide range of health and safety issues in medical & healthcare environments. It is a dry granule that quickly dissolves to absorb liquids and converts them into a manageable, inert gel for simple and safe disposal.

SafetyGel is very effective and simple to apply. It requires no special skills or training in use - and is available in sachets, pads and as powder, depending on the requirement.

Wherever there is a spillage or hazardous liquid, reach for SafetyGel and contain it!

Ideal for absorbing large spills, vomit, blood, mucus and other medical waste.

Quickly dissolves to absorb liquids and convert them into a gel

Applications include urinals, bedpans, slipper pans and vomit bowls,

Use in disposal of medical, clinical and sanitary waste

Can be used with colostomy bags

Can be used for safe transportation of biological substances

Use in spillage control for a quick solution 

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