Cellosene absorbent cellulose wadding

Cellosene cellulose absorbent wadding for secondary wound care

Sirane's Cellosene wadding is used for fast and effective liquid control in wound care and trauma cases, spillages, breakages and other incidents. It is ultra-absorbent and soaks up liquid extremely quickly, providing immediate control when it is needed most. Sirane’s Cellosene wadding is easy to use.

It is a non-lint multi-layered folded structure offering extra softness and thickness, with high absorbent capabilities. This uniquely structured multilayered material offers excellent fluid management allowing rapid diffusion of fluids directly in to the wadding.

Cellosene is a highly effective absorbent wadding for secondary wound care. For extra absorbency simply cut to size required and place on top of the primary wound dressing.

Cellosene is an excellent absorber in many trauma and spill situations. Excellent results are also obtained as an absorbent packing material in mortuary processes and applications. 

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