Absorbent spillage protection - BenchGuard Advanced

Bench-Guard® Advanced

BenchGuard® Advanced offers the ultimate bench protection for laboratories, hospitals, surgeries and other clinical environments where high absorbency and sterile surface protection is required. BenchGuard® Advanced has a highly absorbent surface and an effective liquid barrier layer to ensure that spillages are contained and cross-infection is prevented.

BenchGuard® Advanced is an absorbent, impermeable faced cellulosic fabric suitable for protection of laboratory benches and similar surfaces from spillage. It is quick wicking, lightweight and softer to the touch than BenchGuard® Original, making it more maleable, more flexible and generally more pleasant to work with.

BenchGuard® Advanced has a polyethylene surface layer which is resistant to most chemicals. It can be used either PE side upwards to prevent liquids from being absorbed or PE downwards in which case it provides in situ direct absorption of fluids spilt. BenchGuard® Advanced will readily absorb and retain nearly all liquids.

BenchGuard® Advanced is strong and tear resistant even when wet and its flat smooth surface can be written on with pencil or ink. Used BenchGuard® Advanced can be readily disposed of after use and its clean composition means that it is suitable for incineration. Highly absorbent, quick wicking with an excellent barrier - this product has no rival.

BenchGuard® Advanced is available in pre-cut sheets of various sizes and also in reel/roll format. It is also available with adhesive strips, preventing movement.

  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Tear resistant, even when wet
  • Adhesive strips can be added
  • Different sizes and on the roll
  • Suitable for incineration

BenchGuard Advanced spillage protection

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