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About Sirane Medical & Healthcare

SIRANE Medical & Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of absorbent medical products, compliant packaging solutions, surgical disposables and nylon. Our absorbent products include spillage protection, dental, funeral & mortuary absorbents, and diagnostic specimen transportation, while our compliant packaging range also includes 95 kPa bags. Sirane is centre of innovation, and we are the world’s leading development and manufacturing company for advanced absorbent products. Our innovative products are used in hospitals, laboratories, veterinary, dental and medical surgeries and all other medical and healthcare environments.

Applications include absorbent wound care, infection control, sample handling and testing, pharmaceutical packaging, protective packaging for compliant diagnostic specimen transportation and transportation of precious fluids, absorbent spillage control, and absorbent funeral and mortuary products including coffin liner and mortuary liners. We can customise and tailor our products to a customer's exact requirements.

All Sirane products are developed by a team of dedicated and experienced scientists and engineers working closely with professionals working in the medical sector. They are manufactured in Sirane’s factories under strictly controlled conditions to the highest specifications. In every case, the products are developed to meet the demanding legislative, quality, hygiene and performance standards of the medical and healthcare market and to be the most advanced products on the market.

Sirane offers a unique product and process development service to bring new ideas to market quickly and effectively. We always welcome healthcare professionals and others to bring new ideas to us for development into effective products. We will take the idea through product development into large-scale manufacture and offer our global sales, marketing and distribution network. Bring us your requirements for a new medical product, and we'll do the rest...

Our manufacturing facilties are ISO9001:2008 accredited - click here for the certification.

Some of our medical & healthcare consumable products are available from stock, with delivery in 48 hours, and can be ordered online - you will need an account to access this service. 

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