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About Sirane Ltd

SIRANE was founded in 2003 with the simple objective of providing a new pace of innovation and level of service to the packaging industry. Sirane is an NPD product and process development company with full BRC/ISO9001-accredited manufacturing capabilities. 

The company has four divisions: medical & healthcare; food packaging; horticultural & industrial.

Whereas most companies are manufacturing operations supplying a range of products, Sirane looks at your requirement and designs and develops a solution perfect for you. We then strive to continually improve the design to perform better and save you money. 

Sirane’s core skills are founded around material science and design & process engineering which gives us the capability to develop new and better products and if required, new manufacturing machinery to produce these products too! All this is achieved at a pace unheard of before.

We back this up with full product testing & certification to ensure you have the best and most importantly, the safest product on the  market. With more than 100 years of combined knowledge in this sector, you can be sure we have the right answers.

Our aim is to listen to the needs of our customers and work as fast as possible to create and develop innovative solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Sirane’s manufacturing and development operation is based in Telford, UK. The 24-hour manufacturing operation uses lean manufacturing principles and flexible manufacturing cells to provide short lead times, high quality and exceptional service. 

We can - and regularly do - supply anywhere in the world, either directly or using our extensive network of agents and distributors.

Sirane manufactures a range of packaging and other products including specialised absorbents, bio-degradable, bio-compostable, microwaveable and ovenable materials and protective materials for a number of food, medical, industrial and horticultural applications. We are committed to providing you with better products, lower costs and a high level of customer service. For more information on Sirane or any other division, visit www.sirane.com

If you are looking for a solution or a new product designed and manufactured by one of the best teams in the country, then please give us a call.

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